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Hard riddles suppose a greater degree of complexity. Either because their descriptions are longer or because the vocabulary compared to the easy riddles with answers is less common! In this piece, you will find short and hard riddles and also other complex riddles of greater extension but in all of them, you will have the right answer here.

Who Invented The Hard Riddles?

Any riddle for children that you find today, is the normal thing to come from very remote times since the guessing games for children are transmitted by word of mouth from generation to generation.

It can be very fun to involve our parents and older relatives in this fun hobby that they are sure they have known for a long time. Your wisdom can contribute a lot to the game and you even discover new riddles for children with answers together.

Are They Hard Riddles With Unique Answers?

First, all the riddles are presented with solutions so you can know if you have guessed right with your option. And if, usually except for some exception, the object that is described in a difficult riddle is unique.

Don’t worry if as much as you squeeze your brain you cannot think of the answer to any of the complicated riddles. You can always make use of the answer we put at your disposal. If you manage to solve a few hard riddles, it will be fantastic and you will feel so motivated that nothing can stop you. Put the goal of two hard riddles first, and then go up progressively, you will see how it costs you less because your brain with practice becomes faster.

Top 25 Hard Riddles And Answers Will Help You Learn A Lot


  1. An agent jumps from a window of a great five-story building and the agent does not hurt at all. How in the world did the agent do it?

He jumped from the first floor


  1. I am found 2 times in the year, once in the week, but not in the day. Who am I?

The letter N


  1. What is the use of sitting, sleeping and brushing your teeth?

A chair, a bed, and a toothbrush


  1. What is bigger than the Eiffel Tower, but infinitely lighter?

His shadow


  1. This man’s son is my son’s father. Knowing that I am not a woman, what is the relationship of this man to me?

This is my father


  1. One doctor took care of more than 1000 patients, but none thanked him. Why?

He is a medical examiner


  1. A father is 54 years old and a son is 60. How is this possible?

It was never said that it was his son


  1. I am motionless during life and I walk during my death. Who am I?

A tree leaf


  1. The more guardians I have, the less I am kept. The fewer guards I am kept. Who am I?

A secret


Lastly, you can find different hard riddles and the answers of the same ones you were looking for here. Hard riddles are a fun word which a person reads a statement that describes a thing or people, then think carefully about an answer and gives it in order to guess what is being said

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